The HBE Multiple Stage Orifice Model MSO provides pressure reduction for applications that require more than a simple orifice plate.  The MSO is designed to handle these applications while providing accurate flow volume with quiet operation without flashing or cavitation.

How it Works

The MSO operates similarly to many high pressure drop control valves except it operates in a fixed open position.  The fluid is directed into a vortex flow across multiple stages which progressively reduce the pressure.  The use of multiple stages results in the fluid not falling below vapor pressure.  The outlet of the orifice is a multi hole flow straightener which directs the fluid as a laminar spray preventing damage to downstream piping.


In general the MSO can be used for any high pressure fixed flow requirement.  Specific examples include:  centrifugal pump minimum flow protections, warm up lines, strainer blow off, and control valve bypass.


The MSO high pressure reduction internals are based on the field proven design used in the HBE Model HPM automatic recirculation valve for over 30 years.  The multi stage design allows for much higher pressure reduction than can be done with a single orifice plate.  The compact design of the MSO significantly reduces the installation space requirement when compared to using multiple orifice plates in series for higher pressure reduction.  Precision machined internals make the MSO highly adjustable which allows accurate flow volume and high turndown ratio.  Disassembly and reassembly of the MSO is not difficult.  Disassembly only requires the removal of one retaining ring before the internals can be removed.  This simple disassembly allows for easy inspection of the pressure break down internals.    Simple disassembly and reassemble also makes adjustments in the field is possible if service conditions change and the orifice setting needs to be adjusting to allow for a higher or lower flow rate.

MSO Pressure Reduction

Warm up lines with HBE Engineering series MSO multi-stage orifice.